Reflecting on Nicolae Gheorghe and his work

Nicolae Gheorghe was one of the most influential figures in the area of Roma rights and a big inspiration for the ERRC’s work.

European Roma Rights Center held on 12 – 13 May 2014 a workshop reflecting on Nicolae Gheorghe and his work at the ERRC office, organised in cooperation with the Pakiv European Roma Fund. The event involved 10 prominent figures in the field of Roma rights from 5 different countries. The discussions were published in a Roma Rights Journal Special Issue commemorating Nicolae Gheorghe. — in Budapest, Hungary.

Workshop for Roma Rights Journal Special Issue

Commemorating Nicolae Gheorghe

Organised by Pakiv European Roma Fund

and the European Roma Rights Centre


Nicoleta Bitu, Agnes Daroczi, Andras Biro, Andrzej Mirga, Costel Bercus, Dan Doghi, Dezideriu Gergely, Gabor Daroczi, Iulius Rostas, Nadir Redzepi, Rudko Kawczynski, Zeljko Jovanovic


How to reach a community based accountable leadership? (moderator: Andrzej Mirga)

Who are the best partners for the Roma movement, how to

construct solidarity with other groups and how to ensure

genuine Roma participation? (moderator: Andras Biro)

What is the role of ethnic politics based on a community

structure and traditions in the Roma movement?

(moderator: Dan Doghi)

What is the role of churches and religious experience in the

Roma movement?

(moderator: Stephan Muller)

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