Nicolae Gheorghe Memorial Event

Nicolae Gheorghe († 2013), the founder of the Roma Movement in Romania, was born on the 12th of November 1946. To honour his contribution and to memorize his ideas the Pakiv European Roma Fund endorsed by the European Roma Institute for Arts and Culture is inviting you to a Memorial Event, on 12th of NovemberContinue reading “Nicolae Gheorghe Memorial Event”

Nicolae Gheorghe Memorial Days in Berlin

Nicolae Gheorghe Memorial Days 2018 in Berlin organized by Pakiv European Roma Fund in Berlin ”The meaning of Roma identity for the Gadje society and ways to deal with it by Roma in social and political movements” A youth encounter between young Romanian Roma from Romania and Germany public events: Saturday, 10th of November 2018Continue reading “Nicolae Gheorghe Memorial Days in Berlin”

Remembering meeting

On 8 of August 2015 at Pakivalo festival in Bucharest, the Roma museum host the remembering meeting of Nicolae Gheorghe. Un alt an, o altă întâlnire în amintindu marea lucrare a lui Nicolae Gheorghe, organizat de Asociatia RomanobutiQ la Festivalul Pakivalo. In fiecare an, cei care au avut o colaborare strânsă cu el, împărtăși experiențeleContinue reading “Remembering meeting”